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Where Do You Get Landscape Ideas

When it comes to landscape ideas there is no limit on where to find them. Whether you prefer modern or traditional styles you will have plenty of material to choose from. It is not a bad idea to start in your own neighborhood.

Take a walk around your block. Try to determine if there is a particular style or form that is common to your neighbors. If there is, does it appeal to you? If the answer is yes, then many of your ideas will be close at hand.

Searching close to home will help you find locally hardy plants. The local botanical garden in your area will often sell plants that do well in your climate. They often display their collections in various styles and designs so it is a good resource. Make a note of plants you like. The botanical names make them easier to find later.

landscaping servicesIf there is a local home and garden show, it will provide many ideas as well as local retailers who can provide materials for building and for planting. If you get the chance to see one of the really large regional shows then you may find almost more ideas than you can easily digest.

Seeing other parts of your town or city can give you ideas that may differ widely from those in your neighborhood. The local agricultural extension office will amaze you. They can provide a huge array of pamphlets, classes and information sheets.

Of course, the library can give you access to historical gardens as well as document the changes in trends and designs over the years. This is one area where old magazines can be a treasure trove. Of course you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by this point.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by now, a little organizing can help. Keep a notebook or laptop file to make access easier. With everything in one place, finding those little details will be less frustrating. Those digital photos are priceless as well. Thumbnails can let you locate elements quickly. A folder with all your info sheets and lists will help keep you sane.

You are now rich with information. You have lists of materials and plants, photos of fencing and rock formations or maybe formal diagrams. Time for some actual planning. Here you can get out the pencils and paper or go to your software program of choice. Do whatever helps you translate your idea into a hard-copy plan. Be sure to measure your yard. You want to have plants that are in proportion to your area. A structure will need to fit into the room available. No guessing on this one. Go out and measure.

Deciding whether to do it yourself or hire out the entire project is your next step. With all your files, notebooks, printouts and plans, you are ready to talk to a professional. Either way, you will have had ample opportunity to glean landscape ideas from the many resources around you. Now where did you put the shovel?

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12 Dec 2016